Gibson learn and master guitar review
Gibson Learn and Master Guitar Review

This is actually the King of "learn guitar at home" courses.

With 20 full-length DVDs stocked with excellent videos, 110 high quality jam tracks as well as a very effective workbook, And also a vibrant student's forum where Krenz himself spends time at to answers questions and offers tips and advises on the students' playing and progress, this software is by far the most comprehensive program we tested. It's very effective, and easily wins a #1 ranking, even at its admittedly high price.

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar Review
Gibson Learn and Master Guitar Review I came across that this is a very well structured program. It combines visual and audio training via DVDs and a workbook full of text photos. The program enables a complete beginner to start playing presently. But even a professional guitarist will see the course invaluable in honing his/her playing guitar skills.

The program is based on three pillars:

Learn and master guitar review
The 110 Jam-Along tracks are a real treat. Similar to those in Jamorama, these "active" tracks enable you to play the tracks     with the lead guitar track started up, off, or at partial volume. The tracks for beginners’ songs also enable playing each song at slow, medium or fast pace. This allows you to progress gradually from following and imitating charge guitarist (slow speed, guitar track switched on), to playing lead guitar alone (guitar track powered down, medium or full speed), even ad-libbing while using bass and drums backing you up. Probably the nicest part uses you master the skills, play the songs at full speed using the guitar track on again and continue to outplay the lead guitarist.

Preserving this course's high level of execution, the band used for the Jam Tracks is amazing. By way of example, the keyboard player is Dino Pastin, formerly area of the super-group Alabama; the drummer is Javier Solis, who played and recorded with countless famous musicians (Usher, Kenny Loggins...). Such professionals can be very expensive, but the makers of the course certainly failed to skimp on quality.

The DVDs work most effectively we've seen on any program. Period. These 20 DVDs contain numerous tracks covering 20 sessions (about 20 hours of content!), that teach any thinkable subject connected to guitar playing. Although initial learning is fast and you learn to play guitar very quickly, there are so many lessons, guidelines that the DVDs cover a full year's worth of lessons (which is before you start going through them a second time).

The thick and fully illustrated book complements the DVDs beautifully. Even if this course naturally requires the DVDs, the course's book alone can be viewed as the best book or eBook course we tested. We truly admire its thoroughness.

Invest the your guitar playing seriously I think the program is a must-have. If you'd like the best program but can't spend the course price at one time, I recommend that you still buy this system, using an easy repayment schedule, or try register for the site's mailing list and attempt waiting for one of their 3-day sales. For the price of a few guitar lessons, you receive a course that will provide both fun and learning for years to come.

I hope this Gibsons Learn and Master Guitar Review helps you with learning to play your guitar.



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